Are you feeling embarrassed with your legs because of varicose veins? Bulky and heavy veins on the leg create embarrassment among people. And that is why most people Google what are the treatment options for varicose veins.

Varicose Veins are often visible on the legs because of bulging and twisted veins. It happens when one-way valves in the veins do not function properly. 

Here we are going to cover the different treatment options for varicose veins. 

Various treatment options are available, from self-care treatment to surgeries. However, after observing the patient's condition, the healthcare provider suggests the best course of treatment for varicose veins, as the treatment may vary from patient to patient. 

Patients with minor symptoms are cured with self-care treatment, while severe ones need surgeries like laser treatment, ambulatory phlebectomy, etc. 

The treatment options mentioned below help reduce their visibility and relieve pain. Now it's time to discuss various treatment options available for varicose one by one:- 

Self-Care Treatment


Elevation, a self-care treatment for varicose veins, increases blood flow in vessels and automatically decreases pressure in your veins. In this treatment, you have to uplift/ your legs above your waist various times throughout the day. 

Wear Elastic or Compression Stockings 

Elastic Stockings compress veins because of the elastic bands and offer some comfort. However, the compression or pressure of the stocking stops your veins from stretching and the blood flow passes automatically. 

Compression and Prescription-strength stockings are available at medical stores and pharmacies shop. Might be these stockings are covered in insurance in cases when varicose veins are creating discomfort. 

When self-care treatment or compression stockings do not work to cure varicose veins, that means the condition is severe. So, the health care specialist suggest some surgery or other procedure that are mentioned below:- 


Injection therapy (sclerotherapy)

Your healthcare provider injects some solution into your vein that scares or closes those veins because of that solution. After a few weeks, that injected or treated vein disappears automatically. 

Always remember that the same vein should only be treated or injected once. Sclerotherapy, varicose vein treatment, does not require anesthesia, and this procedure can take place only in the doctor's cabin or office. 

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment helps to send an intense burst of light into the vein, which fades or disappears the vein slowly. This surgery is based on laser technology that does not require needles or cuts. 

Ambulatory Phlebectomy 

In this line of Varicose veins treatment, healthcare providers remove superficial veins through small cuts or slit-like incisions in the skin. It is an outpatient procedure performed by dermatologist surgeons. Fearing is common in this treatment. 

High ligation and Vein Stripping 

High ligation and Vein Stripping is an outpatient treatment option for Varicose Veins in which veins are tied off before joining a deep vein and removed the veins through minor cuts. 

At the time of removal, the veins do not keep flowing blood from the leg as the deeper veins in the leg take care of the blood volume. 


You can choose any different alternative for varicose veins that suits your health condition. It is suggested that you must consult with a specialist before making any decision. 

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